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Bondly Token Replacement

Following the incident that took place on the 14th July 2021 we are redeploying the $BONDLY token contract (“New $BONDLY”) and compensating token holders who were compromised.

A snapshot was taken at the point just prior to the attack at Jul-15–2021 12:16:01 AM +UTC, and $BONDLY token holders at that point in time are eligible to claim the equivalent number of New $BONDLY tokens.

Liquidity pool providers will receive their 'New' $BONDLY allocation to replace their held $BONDLY plus an additional reward of 30% of this figure.

It will be credited to your amount of tokens extra tokens to cover the gas fee of the claim.

Please connect your wallet to allow us to assess the number of $BONDLY tokens owned at the point at which the snapshot was taken, and transfer the required amount of New $BONDLY tokens.

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